Administrative Staff

Lin-Ling ZhangJian

/Chief of Service Learning Section

 | EXT. | 3607

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1-1 Theoretical Construction and Data Collection of Service Learning

1-2 Service Learning Program Design and Project Planning Application

1-3 Visit and Evaluation of the Ministry of Education for Service Learning

1-4 Service Learning Student Handbook and Teacher Manual

2-1 Service Learning Section related organization regulations and implementation rules and measures

2-2 Service Learning Program Achievement Exhibition

2-3 agency symposium

3-1 Set up community partnership, utilize community resource and development

3-2 Social Affairs Bureau official, NPO group relationship establishment, resource development

3-3 Use of resources in the university: establishment of teacher community, student service team

4-1 Humanities Spiritual “Service Learning” Classroom Teaching Course Development

4-2 “Reflection Course” Arrangement and Design of Humanities Spiritual Classroom Teaching

Yi-Ru Yang

/Administrative assistant

 | EXT. | 6046


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1-1 Development of institutional units, official documents and visual recordings

1-2 Establish a database of institutional units and institutional guides

1-3 Student Handbook and Teacher Manual for Assisting in Service Learning

1-4 Assisting in the implementation of seminars

2-1 Application for the Practical Action Plan for the Humanity Spiritual Course

2-2 Humanity Spirit and Service Learning Course “Rehabilitation and Graduation” Certification

2-3 Service learning course integration and contact

3-1 Service learning plan execution

3-2 Assisting the implementation of the service learning Section of the Liberal Studies Institute

3-3 Other assignments