Service Learning Module

【There are three types of service agency selection】

Class service implementation

   Integrate departmental characteristics or related professional courses in class, and apply to the Section in the name of class groups to conduct service implementation.

Group service implementation

  Students are grouped, traffic conditions measured, and personal wishes are considered as it relates to the implementation of service.

Personal return service implementation

  Students should look for service organizations based on their own geopolitical or personal considerations, obtain the consent of the service organization, and get the approval of the Section. The students should then begin their service implementation.

All of the above must be initially reviewed and approved by the Service Learning Section before the implementation of the service.

Insurance and transportation

  When students are engaged in off-campus service learning courses, they are entitled to “Travel Safety Insurance”. The freshmen of four-year day division are scheduled to have a “class transport vehicle” application. For details, please contact the Service Learning Section

Gentle Reminder


Ensure your personal safety and follow the traffic and avoid injury to individuals or others.

2. Service Image: Each student is Hungkuang University’s “Goodwill Ambassador”, representing the honor of the school. They should show love and patience, learn with humility, and present the best example of Hungkuang University.

3. The freshmen class will be arranged with the “Service Learning Mentor”. If confronting any situation or risks, please contact your teacher or the “Service Learning Section”.

4. According to Article 13 of Chapter 3 of the “Hungkuang University Service Learning Curriculum Implementation Method”, the “service implementation” outside the university only can be implemented on holidays or free time. Those who are absent from school in the name of “service implementation” outside the university will not be counted for their “service implementation” hours.



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