Service Learning Section

Service Learning Section was established in August 1996

/College of General Education

  It is responsible for the planning and implementation of the “Service Learning” course that combines the whole school curriculum. Hungkuang University “Service Learning” course is combined with the core of the university’s “Humanistic Spirit” curriculum to implement the “begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all” philosophy.

   Service Learning

  Service learning is not a course but is the mechanism and strategy of conveying love. Service learning is a compound word, which combine the word meaning of “service” and “learning” to let the students learn and realize by doing. We are looking forward to meeting the needs of “servants” through the well-planned “social services” and structured “reflection processes” and promoting the establishment of “service providers” and values.

  University educational

  The rapid evolution of society and the rise of material expectations, the university educational environment is more urgent to bury the seeds and hopes of love. “Love in service learning and building a volunteer based campus”, Hungkuang University Service Learning Course is a kind of love practice, but also a hope project for “building a warm society”!